Trying for a baby

Dear God, Woody and I are trying for a child.

Yesterday, I was backing up my basal body temperature data and realized it dated back to January 2010. The two and a half years passed us by and we only learned that Woody is suffering from Chronic Prostatitis. The Urology said there is no medication for chronic type of this illness. The Gynae then try to sell me into the idea of taking Clomid to have more eggs waiting each month.

So we stopped temping bbt, stop thinking too much, stop Woody’s antibiotics and went on to just live life. A week before we left for our wedding anniversary trip, we visited a TCM. She got me to plot my bbt again. And it looks different this time. Very messy and volatile. I hope my hormones are not all over the place.

God bless us. Amen.


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