Home alone

Dear God, Woody is currently in Beijing for a work conference. And he will touch down home soil on Saturday then fly for New York on Sunday. But he is neither air steward nor pilot.

However, I am very proud of Woody. He really wants to do well and I can feel the go-getter in him this time. The other day when we were browsing a souvenir shop, he actually bought two wood-cutting that say: “THINK BIG” and “ACHIEVE IT”.

I really love Woody for being so ernest and endearing.

So I too worked ten years as a forex trader. I still love my job but dislike days when stakeholders blame you for making a wrong buy-sell call. And before I knocked off, I felt upset with a client who ignore the 134k USD I made for him on his forex trades and instead added 5 mio to a colleague who lost him 41k USD. This client must be a gay that is why the strong gender preference. (I mean really).

Still 10 years is a long time for me. Doing the same job. One day, I dream to be a housewife with running children in my little white townhouse.


And my dearest granny got home from a road trip up the whole of Malaysia just to see her illing younger brother. This feisty, cute, little old lady. She totally forgets she is 90 next year. I love her so much!


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