Amazingly stupid and ugly

Dear God, I got very irritated by a relationship manager today. She knew all the wrong things and still insist. Bloody stupid! Plus, she reminds me of an ex-RM who looks as ugly inside out. I have decided to stop supporting her accounts.

An Office is a modern battlefield. The difference is: you don’t die but suffers alive.

I am feeling a strange kind of stomach cramp the whole day. But over the last two years of baby-trying, I more or less gone mad and imagine baby, implantation, chemical pregnancies and blah blah blah.


A few days later this stupid RM got posted to a new team and she complaint to her new team leader about me. She is trying to bully me into following her mistake so she will not need to admit stupidity to her client.

However, her new team leader is a good and just man who always discuss forex view with me. So there is good trust even though I only joined this bank for 5 months.

In the end, this RM got a reprimanding email from her boss. She deserves it!


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