My mother-in-law

Dear God, my mother-in-law called me this afternoon to say she is bleeding black blood from her vaginal and it may be cervical cancer. It did not sank in on me. But when I had a moment off work and googled more, I was horrified and very sad.

Bleeding black from the vaginal is the only sign of cervical cancer in its late stage. My mother-in-law is not healthy already. She need to inject insulin each day for her serious diabetes, has a heart by pass two years ago and has high blood pressure and cholesterol. I fear if it really is cancer it will be life threatening.

I have a very tormenting relationship with my mother-in-law and she abuses me a lot verbally and in the initial years she would try to break my marriage. She got very frustrated seeing Woody and I in love. And so many times told me she hate me for being so fortunate and have so much of the things she do not have in life. She does drastic things telling lies about me to her sisters, telling me scary thoughts she harbors, how she will sharpen the chopper and hope to kill my father-in-law when he is asleep. She snapped at me a lot, confronted me on my property, humiliated my parents by refusing them the traditional wedding gift. And so many weird things she did before.

Now I cannot bear to read up on cervical cancer because some tears welled up my eyes. When she was nasty, I did not remember she can be vulnerable to death and never know I can feel so sad at the thought of losing her. I just pray God will bless her. Let it not be the illness we so fear.


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