Who can live in your shoe

Dear God, my boss Robin had a chat with me about a very big trade I recently did. And he said something that is really meaningful.

Everyone look at you as lucky and happy but who can live in your shoe and know if you are really as happy and lucky as you look. Which is so true.

Because everyone envies my life. I have a great husband who loves me dearly, my parents loves me, my granny cares so much for me. I have a great career as a high profile banker, have a beautiful landed property and so much beautiful items of envy.

Who would know that I am emotionally sad about our infertility as a couple. Who would have guessed that my younger brother is mentally ill, violent and almost violated me when I was a teenager. Who would know that I ever have to call the police against my own brother for attempt rape, who would know my own mother emotionally blackmail me to keep this ugly past from my father. And who could guess the fear and danger of running from your brother who constantly charge a your with a chopper.

So these are my horrible childhood and I believe in giving thanks to God for I am still alive. I would also be faithful and try diligently for a baby.

Everyone has a sad story, one kind or other. Never give up on Hope and God.



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