Another invitation to visit my girlfriends’ babies

Dear God, I have two girlfriends whom I believe secretly hate me. I guess it was the difference in character. They were the beautifuls back n college and I was the ugly duckling. They studied better too.

But life is strange. While I wanted babies, they wanted career and money. So I got what I don’t want and they got two beautiful babies. I really envy them. Because, woman who initially wanted the career path but fail will not regret as much as woman who have otherwise. Because the true instinct is to be a mother.

Mentally I have to be prepared to visit them. These ladies who don’t talk to each other actually organize this baby thingy and I dread going half knowing what they have install for me. The previous time when I was in one of their baby shower, my girlfriend actually chilled me for going too much of my career that is why I am infertile. All after I told her it was a male factor infertility problem we have.

God bless me…


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