God please bless baby Zacharie

Dear God, my very dear childhood friend Susan texted me to pray for her dear son.

Susan is the most faithful woman God would know because she places so much trust in your love and work so hard to convert her family and friends into know God and your love.

7 years ago, Susan fainted in the lab she was working in from the burstling of two fist size fibroid and blood cyst which almost killed her womb. She painfully go on steroids to keep her baby hope alive and finally God bless her with a baby this year.

Baby Zacharie is a miracle of God and love. He was born last Tuesday, 16 weeks premature, and is fighting hard in the ICU. Dear God, I love my friend Susan dearly and I love her baby son even before I see him. He would be one of the dearest baby in my life because Susan is the closest friend I have who gave birth already.

Dear God, please hear all our prayers and help baby Zacharie.
I love him dearly.



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