Bad air

Dear God, the air gets very bad today. Hitting 400 on the pollutant standard index.

There are a few funny things that happened because of the poor air. First, the road to work was empty and the haze got so strong I could only see 100m off. Second, the office was empty when I got in. Then a few people streamed in. Third, everyone was trying to get hold of more N95 mask and my boss actually paid 70 bucks from a roadside vendor. And I paid only 3 bucks. These are mask sold at a dollar on usual days. One of my colleague even flew to Siem Reap just to escape the haze.

That’s really weird. While the poor Indonesian farmers suffers these almost every years. One Indonesian client told me there is no N95 mask in their country because life is cheap there. I felt small after listening to that because we were complaining about the quality of our mask that they must be old stocks. Actually we are just so spoilt.



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