Why marry so as to be childless

Dear God, I am a little bit lost, confused about how life should go from here.

I am married, without a child, my husband is diagnosed with different sperm abnormalities and the fertility clinic has no medicine or cure for us.

I believe my life can just be so monotonous from here. But for how long. By the time I am 40 years old, will I start to hate Woody for the problems he has introduce to me? Will we still have so much love for each other or will my unhappiness secretly grew into marriage problem.

Would everyone label me as the infertile wife and will Woody just continue to keep quite and not be truthful about his problems. Will he misled people into thinking we are unexplained just like he has done so a few times? Or will he come clean.

I wonder if my parent-in-laws will continue to say nasty things. Somedays, I wonder why a woman get married if she doesn’t want a child. Because, you subject your days to nasty in-laws. Share the problems of your husband and in my case, gets to become childless because of his infertility.

Maybe this is my retribution from a long time ago… I did also break someone else’s heart so… And I wonder if he is alive and well…


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