Hate her so much

Dear God, it has been a while since I confide here. Our first IUI was not successful. It was a cycle with healthy egg growth and release. However, hubby’s sperm went down a notch with morphology that was even lower than the previous round and overall lesser than 1%.

But I was too busy going for my all gals trip in Taipei and totally did not feel as sad. Then I know the 2 weeks wait must stop. I will go about my usual life and care less. No point being upset every cycle. 🙂

And I love our Taipei trip. I so love Taipei I want to retire there!

So I go about my beautiful life. Anf shedded 3kg in 2 weeks! Really proud of myself. I am 60.50kg now and soon I can return to the 55kg me.

My mother in law is starting to return to my home again. Not that I mind. Just that she was really rude to stare me down on why I am on medical leave today. I think she wants the house to herself. And when I was cooking my sick-people salmon veggy soup, she wanted some. So I troubled myself to cook more. But I did not add salt since that is what I wanted amd she has severe diabetes.

The problem is she kept chidding me afterwards that the soup is bad tasting. She wants small chilli, she wants soy sauce, she wants salt and she even poured chilli sauce into the clear soup. Taking the opportunity to insult my cooking when I delibrately want to use a healthy recipe.

I really hate her.

She is really a pshycho mother in law.
Always trying to prove she is better than me. Just not given the chance to study and work.

But honestly, I did not started out thinking lousy of her. I respected her, got bullied for a good few years before a first augement.

Crazy mil!


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