Broken hearted to see Grandma in pain


Dear God, my grandma fell 2 days ago while on her way to collect the daily papers.

I am heart broken seeing her in pain with 3 compression fractures in her spine. I am also angry with small aunt who deliberately kept this from us. Thank God, we were supposed to bring my parents out for a celebration lunch. And dad suddenly got a call from small aunt to help pack lunch for grandma. When dad probed more then did small aunt mentioned grandma fell.

Since we were all on leave, we quickly send grandma to the hospital for an X-Ray. Poor old lady suffered more than 24 hours, vomited once from pain, her blood pressure got very high (also likely from pain) and did not had much food during this time.

In the ambulance, I was horrified to hear that she fell outside near the metro station. Picked herself up and walked home with 3 bone fractures in her spine. She is 90. And I just ache and ache from within.

What is more painful to know is that small aunt also brought her to the neighbor next door who claim he is good at Chinese Tuina (forceful massage). I am very angry. I felt that small aunt cannot be so stupid. How can she bring her 90 year old mother to an unlicensed Sensei for a strong massage after a serious fall?

I cannot help but think she is pure evil. She is just evil because grandma is only her adoptive mum. She is just evil because she feels that it is convenient to bring her next door, whether it will worsen the fracture, then to call ambulance and bring her in for an X-Ray.

Hello, have a heart. This old lady loves you all her life. Raise you like her own. Constantly tell me to take call of the unmarried you if she dies.

Why do you need to push her into further pain, bring her to a stupid unlicensed Sensei? Worsen her fracture and act stupid after that? What is your motive? What do you want that we cannot give you? So that you have to vent on this old lady who love you so.


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