Started our first IVF and not going well

Dear God,

We have started our first egg retrieval for IVF. Although the RE thinks I have PCOS, my ovaries aren’t producing enough follicles for IVF harvesting. I have only five big ones on the right and four small ones on the left. And the problem, is they are not growing uniformly enough for a large retrieval.

I don’t feel anything by now. We are just hoping we do our best and leave the rest to God.

Also hubby got an offer to join a very big sovereign wealth fund as a regional head of portfolio managment. The amazing offer was in the 7 figures!

But being the protective wife, I rather he take on this heavy role when he is older. He is only 35. And leading a team of older PMs who are amazing in their own ways will be a political experience which may break his confidence.

However, I am very excited knowing how much people value my husband. One day he will be worth so much and that makes leaving my job a lot more easy.

For the time being, I would wait for next March, get my bonus and perhaps turn into a housewife. Perhaps adopt a baby too.



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