Day Seven the in-laws are here…


Dear God, my in-laws are here. I really don’t like them and them visiting.

Why do my mother-in-law need to go to the wet market and buy so much stingy fishes not wrapped properly. Then stuffed them all forcefully into my small fridge and making everything else impossible to retrieve.

Why must she cook and mess up my kitchen? Why must she boil weird herbs and clog my sink? Ahhhhhh….!

Why do my father-in-law need to buy two giant bunch of banana and shove bananas at us every time he sees us? Can you imagine eating dinner half way and he just throw two banana into your clam chowder soup! He is crazy. He don’t understand food and shouldn’t kill my dinner by doing that!

My house smells and is a visual mess, almost like a slam, on just day 1.5 of their arrival. I really hate them!


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