How can I ever like her?


Dear God, as I am writing this blog, I am fuming and angry with my ever ridiculous mother-in-law.

She had a dual SIM phone because she stays in a different states and holds two phone numbers. It was brand new and rather costly. Later she notice I upgraded from my iPhone and wanted it.

I could have traded it in, but since she wanted it for the camera function, I obliged. Now her sister and niece are ranting in the family Whatsapp chat that my mother-in-law screen is faulty already (she dropped it into water twice almost immediately using it). And that her data plan is not enough.

What is too much is my mil’s sister comment that “Thanks Annamay (cousin-in-law) for the hints. Parents nowadays always get technological hand-me-downs.”

I am offended. Maybe I am petty. But I cannot help but think that my mil must have painted a very skewed picture to her family. To solicit their sympathy and make them work on us.

She has done it before to my husband when he was a few days late in giving her the monthly allowance. Therefore, I felt she is doing the same thing again.

How can I ever like such a person… I am no saint at all.


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  1. boudicca10 says:

    Cut back her allowance for the value of what you might have received had you traded in the phone. She will never ask for your stuff again. As far as hand-me-down’s – just say that obviously she’s not ready for the latest technologies if she doesn’t know that she can’t wash them in water. But then…I might not be the best person to take advice from when it comes to MIL’s!

    1. Hi Boudicca, many thanks for the online huddle I need. Sorry I missed out your comments and only respond now.

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