My best friend secretly hates me


Dear God, I realized today that my “best” friend secretly hates me.

Only found out today that my best friend has been bearing a long term grudge against me. A year ago, she got married and her Chinese husband stayed with her and her parents. They were arguing everyday and verbally abusive (herself included) to the husband. Because he could not find a job locally. She felt ashamed of him and forced him into an air-con repair job when he is a IT professional with a graduate degree.

She then wanted desperately to buy an apartment but does not have enough cash. At the same time the property price only started dropping. So I offered her 2k if she needs to rent my empty flat. My current tenant pays me 3k per month.

Today she told me she thinks I am perhaps too rich and do not know that people around me are not like me. That when I offered her 2k rent, she felt I am not helping her and instead is looking down on her.

I am very disappointed. I offered her the flat rental because I believe she could save 50k by waiting out the market a few months. Which really became the case. I am willing to go through the trouble to go below market rate and break my tenancy into short contracts for friend. She instead hate me and thinks I insulted her.

Now I am very fearful of her. She is frenermy – fake friend.

Very sad to give up a best friend for 19 years. I guess people around me knew she is the wrong friend to have. My grandmother never like her. My hubby also thinks she is childish, emotional and verbally abusive to her husband.

Today also reminds me of 12 years ago. When Jac was still alive. Both Mon and Jac were my best friends. In those days, Mon always were jealous of Jac or things I told Jac and not her. Days I goes out with Jac and not her. Jac couldn’t stand her too. So I still have a confidant in Jac, who was the down to earth and stable friend. Years later, Mon reminds as volatile. My dearest Jac who was my stable and reliable friend left me to join you God in Heaven.

And I miss her and her comforting friendship.
I hate myself for missing out on those years she needed me most.
May The Lord forgive me and take care of dear Jacqueline in Heaven.



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  1. boudicca10 says:

    I guess sometimes there’s truth to that old adage “no good deed goes unpunished”. At least now you know and good on you for seeing the best in her all those years when others couldn’t/didn’t. That speaks volumes for your character. Too bad she wasn’t worth your kindness. Sometimes it helps to do a cost-benefit analysis on relationships and if your cup isn’t filling and instead it’s draining, then it might be time to look for the cause or move on. There will be plenty others who will appreciate you for all your good qualities!

    1. Thank you boudicca. You are right, it is draining. This morning she called me and it was emotional, high strung and it felt like a divorce argument. All I felt was tiredness. A pity we knew each other so long 19 years. Sigh.

      Thanks for the encouragement above. 🙂

    2. Yes babe, two years later this ex-bestie is asking another classmate to arrange a lunch with me. I honestly don’t want to. And decline. Also felt happier in this two years.

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