Mother-in-law is incredibly political


Dear God, I could someday wallow and wallow and get stuck in the thinking of how pitiful I am: Childless, had a bitchy mother-in-law and had a best friend for 20 year who is secretly and evilly jealous.

So I return back to Singapore with the onset of my menses and very bad cramp, which went on the whole day. In the morning, I woke up to notice a few things. My kitchen is a mess, my white table top is irreversibly stained, my bed has the smell of talcum powder (could it be slept on by mil?), my carpet is ants filled due to the food droppings, my mil wore my slippers and wet them.

Then she kept lamenting why we did not buy her the DVD she wanted from Taiwan. And I did not even tell her why would she give away my mobile number to her strange male friend?!

CRAZY. All spelt in big caps.

My mum fell down on Sunday and dislocated her shoulder.

Although we ain’t as close, but she is my mum and I still love her. Pains me to know she is in pain and suddenly realized how old she has grown.


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