Losing a week of sleep

I haven’t been sleeping well for a week. After Susan and I chatted and her telling me about having ovarian cancer and difficult pregnancy.

My heart broke that moment she shared how her husband Eugene is not coping well and how she had to drive herself to hospital when she had a contraction. Susan had gone with Eugene to United States 7 years ago. And so she is very far away from her loving parents and all her friends. I couldn’t stop worrying about her.

This is maybe the first time I worry so much. To the extent of losing sleep. I probably am having an anxiety attack. But I cannot be so weak. My friend is the one suffering and I must cheer her every day. To my best.

I am sooooo sad and I cannot tell G and J either because Susan rather not let them know.

God please give Susan strength.

Please love her for me and for all of us so far from her.

I commit her safety and health in your hands. Amen



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