Dengue Attack

 Dear God, we just returned home after a total dengue attack.

Both Woody and I were bitten once we returned from the US. Through this time, our love is sweet and strong. The way Woody walked with his drip to my ward and vice versa bring a smile to the hospital staffs’ faces. They kept referring to us as sweet. We worried so much for each other. Self-less in taking care of each other despite us both being down with dengue. I really thank God for such love. 
We also visited Susan and Eugene in Louisville. My dear friends are really in a difficult phase of their lives. Their first-born Zacharie is now two and dependent on life support. We spent a day with him and it saddened us both seeing him so young and so pained.

Baby gal Zephanie is totally beautiful just like Mummy Susan. 

My dear friend, Susan is however in a serious stage 3c of ovarian cancer. She is also not taking care of herself. Totally ignoring her own bodily weakness and insist in doing task as normal.

Although Susan is strong, it is very frustrating to me and all her loved ones when she acts so stubbornly. We are all worried.


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