Goodbye Nor Nor

Dear God, thank you for giving us this joyful fella. Even if it is a short two years, Woody and I could live in the happy memories for our whole life.

26 December 2015, Nor Nor left us around 4pm after a vicious attack by a stray cat.

Days before, he was having the fun of his life. Finally, able to fly up the flight of stairs from his cage to our bedroom. He was happy with himself every morning. As he successfully jumped up to the top of his sleeping box and flew over to our bed to say his good-mornings. He could fly at good speed around our bedroom, chasing after the laundry basket. He could take off from the ground and flew up and perched himself nicely on our shoulders.

We love him like a real baby.

He loves us too. Even after life.

So when we had friends over for lunch, we placed him in the air well. Believing he could not fly up vertically one and a half storey. We were wrong. He just took off. I was resting in my bedroom. Woody wasted no time and told me Nor Nor flew out.

Startled, I ran downstairs, shouted for him in the air well. Heard nothing. Ran straight out of my main door. Shouted his name twice and heard his high pitch shrill. It was different from his usual but I only knew why one second later as I ran towards his voice and came face to face with a stray cat, biting Nor Nor by his neck. I screamed and ran after it. For a few corners. In anguish because it would not let go of my baby bird.

My heart raced with pain, fearlessness and anger. Finally, it gave up and dropped Nor Nor on the grouand.

I scooped him up, screamed for Woody and left for the vet. He breathed heavily, with tears in his round eyes. He could hear us. He was fighting every breath for us. The deep bite wound near his left ears was bleeding. His neck was weak and bleeding more from the wound at the back of his head.

Nor Nor kept looking at me like a baby in pain but with faith his mummy and daddy are with him. His tears welled up in his round eyes.

We lost him minutes to the reaching the vet when my hands suddenly trembles violently. Human instinct told my hands, his heart has stopped.

Nor Nor never could bring himself to close those round teary eyes. We know he would never want to leave us. I had to touch his little eye lids a few times.

Woody had it harder than me. I could hold Nor Nor and cry. He had to bear the pain and drive us safely.

Woody doesn’t cry. Woody just continue to love Nor Nor.

Woody choose a private cremation, paid for the premium, despite my initial choice of a semi private one. He looked into Nor Nor’s urn once home, looked inside the urn and was glad it is not just ash. He is glad his pet sunny has some bone remains he could remember him by. Woody suggests we transfer the ash and bones to a ziplock bag and place it back to the urn. In case, the urn get broken, Nor Nor will still stay safe.

Their love so endearing in life and after.

Our family members would think we are too saddened. So would the vet and pet undertaker. Everyone asked, why so sad over a little bird.

Only Nor Nor, Woody and I share the story.

No one else knew how unhappy we were with infertility until Nor Nor joins our lives and cheered us like new sunshine. No one else knew how we came home defeated after our first IVF failure, sat on the sofa hugging and crying, when Nor Nor flew for the first time with his baby wings to us and gave a happy sun conure smile. Nodding away celebrating his first fly. We just burst out laughing totally happy again. Totally healed from our emotional setback.

No one knows how Nor Nor always perched on our shoulders and preened our hairs and Woody’s stubbles. No one knows how Nor Nor will keep quiet for hours when we snooze in the livings room. How he will have waken, wait in his box for us to wake, then flew over to greet us good-morning.

No one knows how Nor Nor will click along with the rhythms when we sings. How he keeps me company when Woody goes on work trips.

Yesterday, I prayed and told Nor Nor to show me a rainbow so I will know he is with God. Waiting and playing on rainbow bridge. On our way back from the cremation ceremony, it drizzled and the sun shined. I looked everywhere on the horizon and this short but very wide rainbow appeared just over the Woodsville flyover. And I saw another longer narrower rainbow over St Andrew’s College when I turned to my left.

God, we keep Nor Nor there with you. He loves a good rub on his head. So when you are free please help us give him his daily rub. Till we meet again.


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