Goodbye babies – 5 week 1 days


Dear God, we lost our babies this morning.

Strangely I had a progesterone jab just yesterday evening and felt so happy and safe for the foetuses. So I was stupidly confident before I slept. With no spotting at all last evening and 1 week of bed rest order ahead of me.

I fell asleep with a wrong sense of peace. At 4 am, I just woke up. No pain no nothing.

Minutes later I felt the need to pee and wiped blood clot and tissues…

Took 4 Duphaston as instructed and lied down praying. Wiped again at 5 plus am and nothing.

Wiped again at 7 am and it is red blood.

We arrived at the A&E at 730 am and I could felt many stabbing pains and continued bleeding.

That moment, I know the babies are gone.

By 10am when I could see my gynae, I felt a discharge and it was tissue again. I lost both sac and two little angels are now in heaven with Nor-Nor. I don’t even know how they look like and were they girls or boys.

Babies, Mummy and Daddy tried so hard and love you both although it was only 5 weeks. We never for one moment not worry about you.

We shed silent tears and will always remember this brief encounter.

Sorry I cannot held on to you both. But I also believe God has everything happen for a reason.

Love you both.
Amen and till we meet again.


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