Should I give up my career?


Dear God, I have to seriously decide if I should stop work. At 35, I probably have one last chance to relax my body and try to conceive again.

At 35, I am also most successful at my job now. I know for a fact that if I stay 10 years in this role, I would become the desk head.

But Woody is also making good money now. Thank God. So that makes my decision an easier one.


It has been an exciting career being a woman foreign exchange trader. I have broken into the Boy’s Club of the financial world and grew so thick skinned that any men in other industries would feel shy talking to me. As I speak Boy’s talk.

My saving has built up very fast these 12 years since I graduated. I just only thank God for all I have and all he has given me.

It is may be time for me to “give up” and sacrifice so that Woody and I have a better chance at our future baby.

Pray for your blessings, dear God.


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