“Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be. When our time has come. We will be as one. God bless our love. God bless our love. Grow old along with me. Two branches of one tree. Face the setting sun. When the day is done. God bless our love. God bless our love. Spending our lives together. Man and wife together. World without end. World without end. Grow old along with me. Whatever fate decrees. We will see it through. For our love is true. God bless our love. God bless our love.”

This is the song Woody sang when we married in 2008. In a beautiful convent church.

Six happy years went by and we both say Amen: because we married the person we love most this life.


Now I am 33 and Woody just turns 35. I could see his white hair spouting and my good figure melting. In the years together, we went through tough times and good ones.

We stayed 5 years in our 600 sq ft public flat. We were so poor we painted the house on our own, had to take a cash advance from our Amex credit card to pay for the downpayment. Then God gave us both a career break. Placed me into a foreign broker and Woody into one bell-wether bank. And we both doubled our pay in that single jump.

Then we saved up. Invested carefully and pay back our student loans and Woody also paid down his parents’ debt. The Subprime came and Woody lost his job and got very devastated. He then partnered a friend to start a hedge fund which stopped 3 years later.

With his hedge fund business, I turned sole income to the marriage and we postponed any baby plan. To regret later.

In between, the Great Financial Crisis came in 2008 and created a property correction. We bought our current house and our first car. Everything in an ironic preparation for our future family. Towards the finally stage of our renovation, my bank account was left with 9 grand and I felt so tired.

When all our friends have babies and kids running about. We became the only married couple who are without child. Woody kept his prostatisis from me up till last year when I dug deeper.

Somedays I want to cry because my mother-in-law kept blaming me, my grandmother grew older and I hate how we denied this old lady her joy of a great grand child after she waited so patiently. My grandmother broke into tears when I told her about Woody’s male factor infertility. Poor lady just cried like a child and I hug her and love her.


Year 2016 May, we conceive for the first time. Our first HCG blood test was 865.4 and our doctor was sure they were twins. At Week 5, my HCG soared to 5100 but we still lost the babies on 14-Jun-2016 morning 4 am.

May God, continue to give us courage and strength in our journey.


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