Wish List:
2016 Eastern Europe
2017 Russia
2018 New Zealand

18 September – Hongkong

We visited a vocal coach in Hongkong and left with Woody finally able to sing many of his favorite songs. Plus, I spent a day with an old friend at the mega Hongkong jewellery fair. An eye opener.


23 April 2015 – New York, Louisville, Nebraska, Las Vegas & Los Angeles

My first visit to the USA is a mixed between holiday to celebrate our wedding anniversary and visiting my friend, not knowing it will be the only and last time I could see her baby son Zachary.

Woody had a lot of fun at Warren Buffett’s Berkshire AGM. Met up with his friends and met legendary Templeton family. The most special of all my travel experience is quality time with Woody. I just thank God for a husband who loves me so.

With this trip, I realized I do have the same flight phobia as my dad. I am also probably never going to endure long flights to the USA again. It is a wonderful and advance country but not a place I would like to visit more than once.


22 November 2014 – Taipei & Yilan

This is the third trip to Taiwan and I love this country more every time I visit. A very special and unexplainable affiliation.

We had so much fun in Yilan with amazing airbnb host who brought us trekking, experience the ground as the nation prepares for its last week into election and spend relaxing time in hot spring resorts.






15 March 2014 – London, Liverpool & Paris
We took our annual wedding anniversary trip earlier this year. To make use of one of hubby’s work trip.

I have been London, but this is my first trip to Kew Gardens, British Museum and Liverpool. They are all wonderful!

We took Eurostar to Paris. Mainly to visit Aunt Karen then watch opera and went museum visiting.







11 May 2013 – Maldives, Gangehi Island Resort
This marks the five years we are married. Initially, a travel plan to just bake ourselves in the sun turns out into mad snorkeling trip. I just kept jumping back into the water. The myriad of fishes were amazing, playful and their colors heavenly. I will be back!







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